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We proudly announce:
The revolutionized low price for the most efficient way of learning Chinese CONTINUE !
Teaching and Learning 1-on-1

US$                   / lesson(45 mins)

    Qualified language teachers
    Teaching live,In real time
    At the comfort of your home
    Same quality as $13.5/Lesson
    Satisfaction  Guarantee

Many of our customers say that they could not imagine how we could offer such good service at such a low price. We are very pleased to tell you that our school has been offering this service for 5 years and we have no intention to increase the price in the foreseeable future.

Any one in any where who is interested in learning Chinese can have a none obligation trial lesson for Free to see how it works and how good it is! You are also welcome to compare with all other courses available around you or on the Internet. You might immediately find that this is really the best choice for you or your children to learn Chinese. (How it works)

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Our Mission:
By using the best resources and technologies available in the word, to make  learning Simple and Easy, Efficient and Inexpensive