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Efficient Tuition Language School (www.etuition.org www.chinesehour.com , www.ilearnonline.cn) was founded on 26 December 2004 as a new division of a successful, established company called Efficient Net Education Technology. We are approved and licensed by the Chinese government as a distance education language school. Our head office is located in Wu Han City China, the detailed address is:

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Intermediate Learners
Advanced Learners
Students for HSK
School Students
Business People
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We are offering specialized lessons to suit the following Chinese learners:
Level 25, Optical Valley International Building A,
Dong Hu High_Tech Zone, Wu Han City,  P.R. China
(中国武汉市 东湖高新区 光谷国际大厦 A座25楼)
Our Mission
By using the best resouces and technoledge available in word, to make  learning
Simple and Easy, Efficient and Inexpensive

Our Focus
We believe that NO software, NO machine, No book etc. can help you as much as a live teacher can in learning a language. Therefore we are focus on real time live teaching at the time and place which suit you. By utilizing the richest and the best Chinese language resources in China, we are making every of our students be able to learn the language easily, efficiently and inexpensively.

Our teachers:
We only choose the very good teachers, all of them are university qualified Chinese language teachers who are well trained and experienced, they are also very patient and love to help any students who like to learn the language
Contact phone numbers                     Skype : Teacher210  /  ChineseHour
( +1 203 9030299)   - USA)             Please Click Free Trial  or  Contact Us 
( +44 20 81338288) - UK)
( +86 27 87775051  - China)

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