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How it Works
  We'll teach you through internet video conferecing, your teacher will be in China and you can be at your home or office

1.  Fill the Free Sign In Form to apply a free  trial lesson

2. You will receive an user's ID and Password with instruction of how to login.

3. Simply follow the instruction to login into the online class room, you can have the lesson just for you..
   The picture below is one of the screen shoot of the online live class, it will appear on your
   computer screen and your teacher's c'omputer screen at the same time. (Teacher + you + White board+ Slides).
You will be able to see, talk, listen, read and write. Different lesson slides will show up on the white board one by one while the lesson is going..
What you need for the online live Classes?

    1.  A  head set (microphone and earphone) plug into your computer.
    2.  A webcam is also highly recommended although it's optional. (If you have,  you and the teacher can see each other, you will feel much better in the lessons. if you don't have, you can still see your teacher, talking, listening and sharing the whiteboard with your teacher, but the teacher is not able to see your face).
Example: Lesson 1 for begginers slide 1
Well come to the online Chinese class

Lesson 1:   How to greet in Chinese

A:你好! Nǐ  hǎo!
B:你好! Nǐ  hǎo!

A:你好吗? Nǐ  hǎo ma?
B:我很好。 Wǒ hěn hǎo!
                                    I                                 I                                    I                               I         
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