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We are offering specialized lessons to suit the following Chinese learners:
Your teacher, you, and the white boad for teaching.

1. How are you going to teach me.
   Please see the above picture, you should catch some ideas about the system. We will teach you via video-   
   conferencing. You can see and talk to your teacher online!  you will interact with your teacher, and the white board, 
   just as you would with your private teacher or in a small class. All the teaching materials have been prepared and
   will show up on the white boad.

2. What do I need for attending the lessons.
   You will need :  
   A computer connected to the internet.
   A microphone and an earphone phone (or the head set).
   A web cam but it is optional. The teacher can not see you if you don't have one. but You can still see the teacher
   any way.

3.What can I learn in the class?.
   You will be able to learn almost any skills of the Chinese language you want to learn , such as speaking, listening,
   reading, writing, Ping Ying etc.

4. What teaching materials do you use?
   We've developed our own teaching materials to suite efficient tuition and meet individual needs. We will send to you
   lesson by lesson for your prework and review.

5. How do I join.
   Very simple! just Sign in and have a trial lesson first, that is Free of charge. If you like, then you join, if you don't l
   like, nothing happening. Our program at Efficient Tuition is designed to meet your individual needs at the low cost.
   Click to Sign in for a free trial lesson now.

6. What are the benefits I can get from this program?
   1. Qualified and experienced native language teacher for a low cost.
   2. Choice of the lesson time and level to suit you.
   3. Meet different teachers
   4. Easy and convinient.
   5. Save your valuable time and improve fast.

7. Are the lessons' time flexible?
   Yes, our program is designed to meet your individual needs, include the time arrangement. Make the lesson time
   flexilbe enough to suit you is also one of the important benefits you can get from this program.

8. How many lessons per week can I have?
   You can have as many lessons as you need, it is really depend on how fast you like to learn. The most popular
   choice is 6-12 lessons per week (Take 2 lessons each time, 3 to 6 times a week).

9. Who are the teachers?
   We understand that people who Speak Chinese do not necessary know how to teach students effectiively. All our 
   teachers must have a qualification and experience in teaching Chinese language, and we only choose the good

10. All are the teachers be able to speak English?
    No, not all Chinese language teachers work for this program will speak English, we want you to be in the true and
     pure Chinese environment to force you learn fast. however. if you are a beginner, we would suggest that you take at least 12 beginner lessons with ,a teacher who speak fluent English will be allocated to teach you, you will learn the basice Chinese and all the words which may often be used in the classes, after that, you may take the only Chinese speaking classes for your better benefits.

11. Do I always have the same teacher?
     That is up to you. You can choose to have the same teacher all the time or different teachers from time to time.

12. Can you meet my special personal needs?
     Yes! The teacher will discuss your needs with you, then teach you in the most proper way that suit your needs.

13. Do you have programs for children?
     Yes! we do have programs designed just for the young children. Our youngest student here is 5 years old. The
      children's programs are also very effective.

14. Do you have a quick program for traveler?
     Yes! 1 to 1 program for travelers is the quickest way to learn the most useful Chinese before you go to China

15. Can I only learn PinYin but not the Chinese characters?
     Yes! You may if you wish. Some students only want to learn how to speak and listen in Chinese, but not reading
     and writing, these students may choose to only learn PinYin.

16. What's the cost & How do I pay?
    The software is Free, using the video conferencing system is Free, you only pay for the teacher's time at a very low       rate. You can easily make payment by using our online secure payment system at our website. We accept Credit  
     cards,  PayPal payment, as well as bank transfer.
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