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We are offering specialized lessons to suit the following Chinese learners:
  Our Price List:

     Package A:  $4.99/ Lesson,   90 lessons in this package (Total is 90x4.99 = US $449.10)
     Package B:  $6.99/ Lesson,   45 lessons in this package (Total is 45x6.99 = US $314.55)
     Package C:  $8.99/ Lesson,   25 lessons in this package (Total is 25x8.99 = US $224.75)


      1. Time for each lesson is 45 Minutes
      2. Maximum 2 lessons per day (2x45 Minutes)
      3. Period of validity for all above packages is 2 months

  You can easily make payment through the following currencies:

                               Pay in EURO

                               Pay in AUD

                               Pay in BSD



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